Posted by: isaiahsfan | March 30, 2007

General Conference–I Will Go and Do!

In honor of our upcoming General Conference, I’m starting a new thread.  This one is for you to use when you hear instructions this weekend that inspire you to Go and Do!  Make a comment here and let us all know what you heard and how it motivated you.

I have made my Conference Bingo cards and purchased the stickers to put on them.  Most of my children have gotten older, but they still love to play, and take notes on their Bingo games.  Oreos were on sale at Smith’s, ($1.88!) so I bought several packages to munch on while we watch.  We still have no TV, so we’ll set it up on the internet in both rooms, and the sounds of Conference will waft through our home! 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!



  1. As for me, so far, to name a few:
    -Elder Holland on a kind tongue and not murmuring. — I need to be more deliberately kind and seeking a “new tongue” –having the Spirit and faith and hope and charity guide what I say
    -Sister Parkin on gratitude, even in the midst of trials (ties into Elder Holland).
    -Music…wanting to encorporate that more in our home.

  2. loooooved Elder Holland’s talk. It really struck a chord with me.

  3. Sunday morning–when introducing the song “High on the Mountain Top” President Hinckley said, “you’ll all sing.” Frank said, “Did you hear that, kids? The prophet said, “you’ll all sing.” Everyone rushed to open hymn books and we had a rousing hymn sing in front of the computer with the Tabernacle Choir. I think that will be one of my favorite Conference memories from this year.

  4. Elder Holland’s really struck a cord of what I need to improve on, but having spent many an hour in
    the kitchen canning, I have a special place for the ‘parable of the pickle’ by Elder Bednar.

  5. cheryl, i loved that too. Alena is one that doesn’t always like to sing, but I was like Frank and said, “alena, the prophet said to sing” and she not only sang but really sang out. it was awesome.

  6. Hi, guys! Kelly motivated me to get going on this thing every day, so here I am. I didn’t get to watch Conference on Saturday, so I’m hoping to catch the rerun on BYUTV soon. My favorite on Sunday was Pres. Faust. What sage advice for a happy life. Exactly what I needed to hear. (all about forgiveness)

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