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1 Nephi 5: We searched them and found that they were desirable; yea even of great worth.

posted by cheryljunegirl

This is nothing new to us,  but I wanted to add it anyway.  Sometimes the obvious can get overlooked.  I was in a Stake Primary meeting yesterday and it brought up that we need to actually open up our scriptures in Primary more.  It is not enough to just tell the stories.  This morning I decided to read chapter five again and vs. 21-22 just jumped out at me.  Kelly mentioned earlier how blessed we are to have the scriptures and how blessed that we are encouraged to read them.  This is so true.  It is after Lehi searches the plates of brass from the beginning that he was filled with the Spirit and began to prophesy concerning his seed.   It seems that the scriptures can answer questions we need answers to and perhaps answer questions and enlighten us concerning our posterity and ourselves without even knowing we had questions to be answered.  I hope that makes sense.  Have any of you ever had an experience that you were filled with the Spirit after reading the scriptures and received revelation about your family or you and you weren’t necessarily even pondering that before reading?  The more we start to understand the “it is wisdom that we should carry the scriptures with us as we journey in the wilderness toward the land of promise”,  the more filled with the Spirit we can be.  We did an exercise in Primary yesterday that I think probably made a greater impact on me than it did the children.  We had a series of questions that we hid in the Primary room.  One child was asked to leave the room and a question was hidden while they were out.  Before they left the room, however, they were designated a helper that they could ask direction from and were told that no matter what they could trust the helper and that helper would always tell them the truth.  When they came back in the room, everyone in the room was telling them conflicting things about where to go to find the question.  Some true, some not.  Truly chaotic.  The first child came back in the room and you could just see the frustration and confusion on their face.  In all the chaos, they had forgotten about the helper.  I gently reminded them that their helper would tell them the truth.  You could see the sense of relief come across their face.  Huge smiles came when they found the question.  This happened in both Jr. and Sr. Primary.  The second child to go out had a much easier time and remembered to use the helper.  One child commented after this.  That was so easy!  In all the confusion and different voices of the world, we like the first child sometimes forget all the helpers the Lord has given us that will always tell us the truth.  If we remember to turn to these helps, scriptures being one of them, it makes things so much easier.  So, even though this is nothing new, a gentle little reminder that we have a “helper” in this world is welcome.



  1. Thanks for the reminder Cheryl! I guess I really needed to be reminded of this fact. Today in seminary, we studied Section 138. This is the one in which Joseph F. Smith, after much pondering and reflecting on the scriptures, has the most marvelous vision about the redemption of the dead opened to him; vs 11 “As I pondered over these things which are written, the eyes of my understanding were opened, and the Spirit of the Lord rested upon me…” While I will probably not have a vision so grand as his, I have had the ‘eyes of my understanding opened’ as I have reflected and pondered on the scriptures. Like you said, Cheryl, not something that you were expecting to happen, but it came none the less. We have had a few of those ‘aha’ moments in our study group over the years. I cherish those times and am grateful to be able to recognize the value of the scriptures in my life. I’m all for using anything that makes my life easier!!!

  2. …we need to actually open up our scriptures in Primary more.

    I agree! I have been in Primary since December, teaching the Valiant 9 and 10 class. We are studying the NT this year. It’s always so frustrating to me to teach those (of any age) who don’t know their scriptures well, so I made a goal in January to really emphasize getting into the scriptures. It was easy to get them to bring their scriptures, I just gave out stickers and now every child brings them 100% of the time. Plus they know we are going to use them and mark them each and every Sunday. The first 2 months we spent a little time at the beginning of each class singing the Books of the NT song. All the kids happen to have quads, so we also practiced starting with a closed book and opening up to Matthew. Then the next Sunday we practiced opening to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Etc. In January and February whenever a scripture was mentioned in the lesson, everyone would open to it and we wouldn’t read it until everyone got there. Then they were told to follow along. I had to actually teach this skill. Those first eight lessons waiting for them to all get there was interminable. Finally in March it started getting a little better. At the end of March I gave them each 4 notecards with OT, NT, D&C, BoM written on them. I’d give the name of a book: “Alma!” They would have to put their hand on the notecard where Alma was found. It’s now the end of April and they can open their quads and find a scripture when the reference is given. Whew! The Sunday before last I had a scripture worksheet where they had to look up the passage and fill in blanks on the worksheet. I’ve also had a crossword where they had to find each answer straight from the scriptures. It is incredibly amazing how hard it is for them to read a passage and understand what is happening. At first we didn’t get through much of the lessons, but luckily they are pretty short. I’m hoping that all the activities we are doing will make a difference. I’m really against teaching the scriptures by just telling them what is there. I don’t mind giving background and defining terms, but I’m hoping they will learn to discover for themselves what the passage means. At 9 and 10 they should be able to do this already.

    I think there are many people who need to be taught how to search the scriptures. There are many ways to do this, but so many kids and adults are still stuck on reading straight through a verse at a time. (still valuable, but not always the most effective!)

    It’s not until you are studying on your own and suddenly you receive revelation, understand things in a new way, see how the passage relates to your life, or somehow interact with the scriptures meaningfully that you really comprehend the “great worth” of these scriptures!

  3. Isaiahsfan,
    Love to hear of a teacher getting the faces of her kids into the scriptures. So great!

  4. Hmm….am I m&m or Michelle here? Anyway, that was me. 🙂

  5. Cheryl B. I hope all my kids have teachers like you that teach them the particulars regarding the Scriptures. What a valuable tool you are giving them. Why don’t you come back and teach our boys again?
    Cheryl N. There is such a different spirit in any class when the story is read directly from the scriptures compared to when the story is paraphrased. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of going to the scriptures to find answers. I remember when Pres. Hinckley asked us to finish the Book of Mormon before the new year. I was reading in Moroni about Charity and my eyes were opened. That was exactly the information I needed at exactly that time in my life. I was amazed – again – at the power contained in the scriptures.
    Kelly I was talking to someone about what a blessing it is to have commandments. They truly make life easier. When someone tells me what to do and I don’t have to stress over making a decision, life really is easier. The more commandments we have to cover more situations in life, the better I like it.

  6. First of all I just want to say how much I appreciate all your devotion and learning and comments. I miss you all.

    I found this talk from Bruce L. Brown and thought the remarks about the sacrifices made by Lehi coordinating with the Jewish holy day sacrifices was very interesting and thought you might enjoy it. The reference to the sacrifices is towards the middle/end of the speech, but the whole talk is interesting. Any way, here is the link:

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