Posted by: cheryljunegirl | May 7, 2007

Questions after reading 1 Nephi Chapter 6

posted by cheryljunegirl

I guess the biggest question I have is why is the chapter placed here in the Book of Mormon?  I have noticed a pattern that Nephi seems to tell us that he is not giving us a full account of his father’s record after he finishes telling us about what his father has prophesied.  In 1 Nephi Chapter 2, Nephi records the visions his father had and then in verse 16, writes “I do not give a full account of the things my father has written”.  In 1 Nephi Chapter 3 we learn that Lehi had a dream where the Lord commanded him to have Nephi and his brethren return to Jerusalem.  We are not given details of this dream, however, and Nephi does NOT write that he is not giving us a full account of his father’s record.  In 1 Nephi Chapter 5 we learn that Lehi received and searched the plates of brass he prophecied concerning his seed.  Nephi follows this prophecy with Chapter 6 that again states he is not giving us a full account of his father’s writings.  We will see this pattern again in Chapter 9.  Chapter 8 is all about Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life and then in Chapter 9 he again writes that his father did “see and hear and speak…a great many more things which cannot be written upon these plates”. Soooooooo, my question is, why did Nephi do this?  Why was it seemingly so important for him to let us repeatedly know that he was not including all the writings of his father?  Did he think we might have the writings of his father and compare them to his and think there was a discrepancy?  Was it really important to let us know that this was his, Nephi’s record, and not his father’s for these smaller plates?  He writes in Chapter 6, “the things which are pleasing unto the world I do not write”.  Did he feel that some of his father’s writing included this?  Or do you think that Nephi kind of interrupts the record after his father’s prophecies to give us a moment to ponder them before going on?  Just wondering and would love to hear what you all think about this.



  1. I wondered that same thing! It’s so short and says so little, why bother? It does make me think though, that maybe he and Lehi split up recording the things, events, and teachings of the people. Maybe- Lehi was to keep the ‘things of the world’ on his plates, more like a history or a journal per se. And Nephi was going to keep the records of the church and religious teaching on his since obviously, they were both keeping records for the same people and the same time period. It seems as though there were 2 records kept in other areas of the BOM also.
    SOOOO, in vs. 6 since he doesn’t seem to think keeping a record unless it is ‘of worth to the children of men’, I will be okay in not keeping a journal? I can’t imagine that I would write things that are’ of worth to the children of men’ any time soon. (Just looking for an out I guess.)

  2. I think that Nephi repeats that he is not giving a full account of what was written by his father because he wants us to know that there is much more. It seems that whenever Lehi had a dream or a vision, Nephi went to the Lord to discover more about what it meant. Perhaps Nephi is telling us to go and get our own witness of these things–to find out more.

    Also, in Chapter 6, Nephi emphasizes that he is writing on the Small Plates. He wants those that continue the records to make sure to write the historical events on the Large Plates and reserve the Small Plates for those spiritual things that will be of worth for the salvation of those to come.

    (Kelly, I guess this means you need to write two journals!)

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