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Joseph and Nephi

posted by gramma kelly


After reading in Ch.6 that the only part of the genealogy that Nephi was really concerned about was being a descendant of Joseph, it brought to my attention the similarities between Joseph of old and Nephi.  We often think of the great prophets as being types of Christ, but this time I saw them mirroring each other and thought it was neat.  I’m sure that there is a much better compiled list out there, but I was having a lot of fun discovering for myself without help.  I now open the floor to you guys to find and add to my humble start.


Joseph of Egypt


1. Saw in a dream he would rule over his brothers
Gen. 37:6-8
1. Received a vision that he would rule over his brothers
1Ne 2:19-22
2. Dreamed that brothers would bow down to him
Gen. 37:9-11, 43:26
2. Brothers bow down and ask forgiveness of him.
1Ne 7:20-21
3. Joseph was young when his journey began
Gen 37:2
3.  Nephi was young when his journey began
1Ne 2:16
4. Joseph’s brothers conspire against him to take his life
Gen 37:18-20
4. Laman and Lemuel et all conspire against Nephi to take his life
1Ne 7:16
5. Lord intervenes to save Joseph’s life thru his brother Reuben
Gen 37:21
5.  Lord uses the daughters of Ishmael and their mothers to save Nephi’s life
1Ne 7:19
6. Joseph freely forgives his brothers for selling him
Gen 45:5-8
6. Nephi freely forgives Laman and Lemuel their offenses
1Ne 7:12


My love and appreciation for the prophets of old increases daily as I study and learn about them.  It is humbling to know that we have such a prophet as these great men living and instructing us today. I think that I tend to forget that Pres. Hinckley is just as important to me as Nephi was to them.



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