I am a 50 year old wife, mother, shop keeper, and gramma.  I have 6 children, 27-17, and 6 grandchildren, 7-1day. I currently live in Texas but don’t claim to be Texan.  I’ve lived most of my life in California, was born in Illinois, and am a convert to the Church.

I have taught Seminary for many years and will miss it very much when I retire this year.  It seems that I have always been involved in teaching the youth in one way or another.

I have the opportunity to work for the Church bookstore here, and love it.  I never seem to run out of things to read or reread. We are located across the street from the Houston Temple and my favorite thing of the day is watching the sunset behind the temple. What a perk!

I love to read and shop–much to my husbands chagrin–and nothing makes me happier than to find a good clearance sale. My weaknesses are books, shoes, movies, and things for the grandkids.

I love getting into the scriptures with my turn-of-the-century friends and I’m totally excited to be getting my teeth into the BoM with them.(and all you who join us!)  I’m looking forward to lots of discovery and fun times.



  1. Hello Sisters in Christ,

    Great site and a really neat idea. I would love to join, although I’m not sure how faithful and regular I can be, I have two little rambunctious boys, 3 and 11 months, who keep me on my toes;)

    Hm, turn-of-the-century-friends…:)Born in 1982, 18 in 2000 I’m definitely part of the “millennial generation”. I’m not sure if you meant that, though;)

    I also love books and shopping! My two favorite things. I also like to write. But I don’t do that so much now, I’ve lost a lot of creativity over the years.

    I grew up in Switzerland and joined the Church while a foreign exchange student in the US. I married the wonderful young man who introduced me to the Gospel before serving his mission to Hiroshima, Japan. What can I say, I’m a happy woman!

  2. Welcome Athena! We’ll enjoy your comments as often as you find it possible. Even if you only have time to read and enjoy, we hope your are uplifted, like we are, just to be immersed in the scriptures. I, too, am a convert. We’ll have to swap conversion stories one day.
    Several of us were in an Isaiah study group at the turn-of-the-century–hence the turn-of-the-century play on words. ‘Millennial generation’ qualifies you!

  3. we would enjoy and appreciate your comments any time you can join us! Have fun with those rambunctious little boys of yours!

  4. Hey…I can’t help but stop by Nauvoo Books every time I make a Temple trip.
    Love the store.

    Just had to check to make sure you were not my mom. She too has six children but older ages. Lives in Colorado… Dad in Stake Presidency, mother does geneology….was not sure if kelly was first name or last:)

  6. Sad that this site has not been written in for 3 years, these ladies have amazing insite!~

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