I’m a 47-year old mother of eight–seven girls and one boy.  I grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in North Carolina, and converted to the Church as a 19-year-old student at Greensboro College.  A little more than a year later I graduated and served a mission in the Canada Montreal Mission (French speaking.)  Later I attended BYU for some graduate work in Educational Psychology.  There I met my husband.  We married and spent five more years in Provo.  We have moved several times and lived in some great wards in Tennessee, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Indiana, Missouri, California, and Texas.  We now live in a small Utah town, where I coach the high school swim team.  I enjoy genealogy, reading, writing, water sports, and of course I love studying the book of Isaiah.  I hate the cold and missing my friends.  I recently sent my two oldest daughters on missions.  The oldest left in October 2006 for Daejon, Korea; and the second went into the MTC in January 2007 headed for Rome, Italy.



  1. Hey Cheryl,
    Bill’s mother graduated from Greensboro College, small world isn’t it?

  2. One boy and seven girls, wow. Your poor son! 🙂 I’m the oldest of four boys so I can’t imagine being surrounded by so many females…

  3. Don’t worry about him, he’s the Little Prince around here.

  4. Cool blog name choice. 🙂 Love it!

  5. […] interesting blogger name.  As I have been working my way through Isaiah slowly and purposefully for the very first time, I […]

  6. Do you still speak French?

    Wow, you’ve lived all over the place. What is California like?

  7. It’s been quite a while since I’ve used my French. I’m actually more conversant in Spanish now, after living in California and Houston. Calexico, where we lived in CA, was a barren desert border town. (Nice and warm, though.) We attended a Spanish ward, which later turned into an English ward with almost 50% of the members having English as a second language. It was a fascinating experience.

  8. That’s awesome. It’s always useful to speak more than one language..

  9. Thank you so much for letting me join you. I have so much to learn, and just reading your posts is fascinating and truly uplifting. I hope I will be able to contribute something worthwhile though my gospel experience is probably only in it’s infancy compared to the depth and experience I see here. I am very grateful for having found this site.

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