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The Book of Mormon groupies began as a group of women who met in Houston, Texas at the turn of the century.  We formed an Isaiah study group to delve into the words of this interesting prophet.  During our several years together, we went through the book of Isaiah twice, sometimes spending up to three or four weeks on a chapter.  The group foundered when several of us moved away from Houston in 2005.  We kept in touch however, and have now decided to start an online study group with the Book of Mormon as our subject.  We invite those who wish to study the Book of Mormon from a faithful perspective to comment here.



  1. Is there a RSS Feed for this blog?

  2. Hi, if you are interesting in sharing. I have a blogspot-
    What do you feel when you hold a seed?
    When you’ve gathered grains of every kind?
    If you liken them to your own seed-
    Behold, visions may come to your mind.

    Lehi did this in the wilderness.
    He saw a man dressed in brilliant white.
    Beckoned, Lehi passed dark dreariness.
    Engulfed for hours, he prayed with might.

    After he prayed he beheld a field-
    Spacious and wide- and beyond- a tree.
    Its fruit, the sweetest a tree could yield.
    With whiteness more than he’d ever seen.

    His eyes cast round, where his family stood
    At the head of the river near by.
    Would they partake as he hoped they would?
    “Please come”, he beckoned with a loud cry.

    Some did come and of the fruit partook.
    It fed their souls with exceeding joy.
    Dark mist arose. It was hard to look.
    For, he’d yet sons to come and enjoy.

    He saw strangers on a narrow track.
    Who pressed on with a rod to cling to.
    Some wandered off and did not come back.
    While others partook, then ashamed grew.

    For across the river they heard scoffs.
    From people in a spacious building.
    They wore fine apparel and did mock.
    Those who enjoyed the fruit’s yielding.

    Would his lost sons ever find their way?
    He worried his seed would be cast off.
    For in the depths some drowned straight away.
    While the haughty looked down from aloft.

    Those who are filled with pride scoff and scorn.
    And disconcern themselves with their seed.
    Loved ones call out to straylings and warn.
    This sweet fruit is delicious indeed.

    -Lehi’s vision, 1 Nephi Chapter 8

    Your website is wonderful. What a great contribution.

  3. Hello,

    I am an LDS author and just published my first book titled Soul Survivor. I am sponsoring a contest to give away 5 signed copies of the book which I hope will be of interest to LDS audiences. The description of the contest is on my site and NO purchase is required to be eligible.

    I want to increase awareness of my book before it goes up on Amazon later this month and I hope develop some important relationships moving forward. The more important reason I am doing this is that I believe the book has a significant potential to help people. I know from experience that the story has already had an impact on many of the people who have heard me speak in various forums. From the Utah State Prison to the Stevens Henager College Commencement Address to the various Youth Groups I have spoken to I have had an overwhelmingly positive response.

    I would like to send you a copy of the book if you would like to examine it for yourself. Please let me know the address and the name of the person to list on the package.

    Please consider adding a post about the contest and visit my website to get a better feel for me and remember that this does not require any purchase on the part of your readers. Let me know if you have any questions about the book or the contest. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    Warm regards,

    James Ballou
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    Summary of Soul Survivor
    I grew up in Davenport, Iowa and faced what some consider an almost insurmountable set of obstacles from virtually the beginning of my life. My mother and father divorced when I was three and my mother abandoned me and my two brothers to live in the nightmare that my father created. My father filled our home with the most brutal and depraved group of criminals that infested the Quad Cities in the 1970s and 1980s. I survived shootings, drug deals, abuse and neglect in a household that was a literal den of thieves, drug addicts and prostitutes.

    My book includes an accounting of the events that took place in my home, how I reacted to the events and what long term effect that the events had on my life. Through the power of choice and because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I was able to escape the life that my father had assigned to me. My book provides practical advice for people that are dealing with the impact of childhood traumas and provides hope to those that are in pain.

  4. Are you ladies still blogging BOM? I happened on to your site while trying to find illustrations for a book I am writing for my grandkids (no, it will never be published!) I am devious. I was concerned that one of my 8 year old grandkids was still using the BOM readers (the picture books) instead of the real thing. I decided to write a BOM commentary for kids and I asked the 8 year old to be my proofreader/ critic. It has worked like a charm. I complete a chapter, email it off and get useful suggestions for improvement. He is now reading the “real” BOM. One comment was I needed more pictures, so I found the camels & Lehi photo on Google images and it lead me to your blog. I read a lot of good stuff you have each posted but I haven’t found the photo of Lehi, boys & camels. I am not sure where it is in your blog. Where did it originally come from? It looks kind of like a scene from a movie. Thanks!

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