Posted by: cheryljunegirl | October 24, 2007

1 Nephi 10 (A Chiasma of Ch. 9-10)

  • Lemuel.

  •    vs. 2 (ch.9)- vs.1 (ch.10) 2. two sets of plates. Not all written in this book.

  •       vs. 2-4 (ch. 10) 3. Jews brought into captivity, return, and a Messiah would be raised up to be the Redeemer of all Mankind

  •          vs. 7-10 (ch. 10) 4. John to bear witness of Christ to the Jews.

  •              vs. 11a (ch.10) 5. Christ to be slain and resurrected.

  •          vs. 11b (ch. 10) 4. Holy Ghost bears witness of Christ to the Gentiles.

  •       vs. 12-14 (ch. 10) 3. Scattering of House of Israel, grafting in of Gentiles and coming to the knowledge of  the true Messiah, their Lord and their Redeemer.

  •    vs. 15 (ch.10) 2. two sets of plates. Not all written in this book.

  • vs. 16 (c.10) 1. All these things were done as my father dwelt in a tent in the valley of Lemuel.


The center is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The whole of the gospel is centered on this atonement of the Savior.  We should do all that we can do to center our own lives around it.  Nephi’s response was to desire to know the things that his father saw for himself.  We accordingly, should also make it our focus to know for ourselves the immense blessings of the atonement.



  1. Cheryl, our resident chiasmus expert! You really have a talent for seeing these. I love this particular one. Each level of the chiasmus is a special witness of Christ. First Lehi’s testimony to Lemuel and the rest of his sons. Then the 2 sets of plates, which become the Book of Mormon, a witness of Christ. Next, the House of Israel, through whom cometh the Messiah. Through them, the nations of the earth would be blessed. Then the special “Elias” witnesses, John and the Holy Ghost bearing witness of the Savior. And Christ at the pinnacle of it all. Wonderful.

  2. If you are interested in literary patterns in the Scriptures, D. Lynn Johnson has an excellent set laid out ready for print, at:

  3. Regarding Hebrew literary patters in the book of Mormon, may I make two recommendations?

    Hebrew Patterns in The Book of Mormon (by Elder Hugh Pinnock)


    Mormon Mysticism by yours truly: HTML or Download PDF


  4. Sorry to respond 2 1/2 years later but I just came upon this. Thank you very much, this is very informative…could you add another layer of the Chiasmus with Lehi, see, hear, speak in 9:1 and close it with Nephi, see, hear, know 10:17? Just an idea…

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